Our legal team is honored and proud to serve our community. Our goal is to adopt at least one different non-profit each year and assist it in its mission, whether it be fundraising or providing legal services. Up to date, our legal team assisted Wounded Warrior Project (fund-raised for their services and programs), Nepal Seattle Society (fund-raised for Nepal Earthquake Relief) and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe among other non-profits.



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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
It is with great pleasure that the Scholarship Committee announces this year's recipients for the KKV LAW Social Justice Scholarship.

1st place: Mercy Joyce
2nd Place: Xuan-Nhi Vo

We are honored and pleased to award this scholarship to these two deserving individuals. 


KKVLAW/Law Office of Kim-Khanh T. Van, PLLC is pleased and fortunate to announce our scholarship programs! Planning for such scholarship opportunities has been in the works for many years, and now, such dream is realized on March 10, 2015, KKV LAW's anniversary date. In celebration, our law firm developed KKV LAW Social Justice Scholarship Award. This award will be given out to two deserving students and or community members who exemplify passion for social change and justice. This award does not require a specific undergraduate major nor career pathway.

KKV LAW Social Justice Scholarship Award: Providing Opportunities for Social Justice in Education and Community Involvement

Kim-Khanh Van established KKV LAW/ Law Office of Kim-Khanh T. Van, PLLC with a vision to making law accessible to our communities. Ms. Van and her legal team strive to achieve this said vision on a daily basis by providing legal services at reasonable fees and at pro-bono or low-bono arrangements, and engaging in community events. Ms. Van’s continued passion for making law accessible, a way of social change and justice, motivated her law firm to develop the KKV LAW Social Justice Scholarship Award to assist students and community members in their efforts to advocate for social change and justice.

DEADLINE: Please submit application packet via email to scholarship@kkvlaw.com and postal mail to Law Office of Kim-Khanh T. Van, PLLC at P.O. Box 1246, Renton, WA 98057 by 5:00PM PST on July 1, 2017.  Scholarship recipients will be announced on August 15, 2017, and their names will be listed on our official business website. A total of two scholarships will be awarded accordingly:

1st Place - $1,500.00
2nd Place - $1,000.00

-Applicant must be a current high school senior, undergraduate or graduate student, graduate, or a community activist.
-Applicant must provide a high school or college transcript, and an admission letter from respective higher educational institution (if applicable).
-Applicant must provide a resume with all their activities: volunteer service, employment, honors, etc. A curriculum vitae is accepted.
-Applicant must provide ONE recommendation letter from a professional relationship, not limited to current employer, supervisor, or professor. -Applicant is encouraged to submit two recommendation letters.
-Applicant must demonstrate a passion for social change and justice.
-Applicant must write a personal statement of no more than 5 pages reflecting on his or her leadership experiences: “Describe your contributions to social change and justice, your plans to continue such work, and how would obtaining this scholarship further advance your goal.”
-Applicant must attend an in-person interview with our scholarship committee if selected. Otherwise, applicant must prepare an explanation of absence. Preference is given to applicants attending the in-person interview.

 For more information, send an email request to scholarship@kkvlaw.com. Thank you.